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User Object Reference


This User object describes a registered user.

    "UserName" : "",
    "Status" : "Active", 
    "Role" : "TrialUser", 
    "FirstName" : "Sally", 
    "LastName" : "Doe",
    "Organization" : "Company",
    "ApiExpirationDate" : "1/1/2023",
    "DaysRemaining" : 60


UserName - string
Lowercase rendering of the user's email address.
Status - string
Valid status codes are:
User status codes
PendingAwaiting user email confirmation
ActiveUser API Key is valid for use
ActivationCodeExpiredEmail activation code expired before confirmation
ApiKeyExpiredAPI Key no longer valid
Role - string
Role of user. Valid roles are:
Valid user roles
AnonymousAn unregistered user
TrialUserSame privileges as User role, but for set trial period
UserA user who may execute simulations
AdminA user with account-level administration privileges
AccountsAdminA user with multiple account-level administration privileges
FirstName - string
First name of user.
LastName - string
Last name of user.
Organization - string
Company or entity of user.
ApiKeyExpirationDate - string
Expiration date of user's Api Key.
DaysRemaining - integer
Number of days remaining before Api Key expires.

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